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I'm Michael, professional Sound Designer for Games & Playful Media!

Here's where three of my favorite things, namely Games / Interactive Experiences, working with Sound & the Design of complex Audio Systems converge into something beautiful!

I believe that Sound & Music are very powerful tools, which can elevate story telling, game mechanics/game play & VR experiences!

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I like to help you define & create a sonic identity for your project!

A Little About Myself

Since 2003 I've been working as audio professional in various roles. In 2015 I started my own Company focusing on Sound Design for Games & Playful Media.

Besides working on Games I give 101 Audio Workshops for AIDA Cruises a couple times a year and in my spare time I'm also a newseditor for

Besides my love for Audio / Music / Sound Design & all things Games, I also really enjoy programming.

Roughly between 2005-2010 I was actively contributing to the Open Source PHP Wiki Platform DokuWiki & also joined the official dev team at some point. I still enjoy working with Javascript & web technologies (i.e. I created this website myself.)

One of my current code projects is ReaperWRB, which lets you create custom webremote pages to control my favorite DAW REAPER using a mobile phone or tablet.

I'm currently diving into C++ with JUICE Audio Framework and UE4's new procedural audio features.

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