HHello, I'm Michael

I help game developers and VR/XR producers, develop and integrate audio into their projects.

What's all the fuzz about audio middleware, binaural audio or ambisonics? Does your project benefit from using any of that?

I help you make these important decisions, and implement an audio pipeline taylored to your project's specific needs, so we can focus on the fun part together, realizing your sonic vision.

Thanks a lot to Michael for our vivid sound atmosphere in Rise of Legions and always staying cheerful despite our endless wishlist. We are glad to have found such a professional and passionate sound designer for our game.
Martin & Tobias (Broken Games)
I highly recommend Michael´s work. His sound design and game audio implementation skills have been an invaluable asset working on our HOLOGATE games. His attention to detail, reliability and dedication will bring a new level to your project.
Leif Petersen (CEO / HOLOGATE)
It was great to work with Michael. He was very communicative and professional during the whole process. We are super happy with the results for our game MarZ Rising!
Marc & Miriam (DoorFortyFour)