Michael Klier
ReCap September

Hey there! You guessed it by the title I suppose! Time for another monthly recap of what has been going on. In short: I went to BQGameJam I failed at the GameAudioJam I participated in EPJam2 We're organizing new Game Audio Muc Meetup in October New Fabric version with Reaper »

New Webdesign! Again!

I couldn't help it and updated my website design! Again! When I started blogging a couple of weeks ago I noticed that my design just didn't work that well in regards to long text. I also got some feedback from a couple of people regarding my reel section. Some people »

Acoustic Improvements: #1

For a while I was unsure if would stay in Munich for much longer and therefore didn't invest in some proper room acoustics treatment for my work space. Well, things have changed. Time to get down to business and dive into to realm of room acoustics (I'd like to add »

ReCap August

Hey again! Time for another quick monthly recap! In short: I went to Gamescom 2015 Reaper 5 is out! Yay Lua scripting! I'm taking part in a GameAudioJam re-organized my workspace & planning for some room acoustic treatment. one new track Gamescom 2015 I attended Gamescom 2015 earlier this month »

ReCap July

Hi again! Time for another monthly recap about what I've been up to during July! In short: I won stuff! I wrote a couple of new tracks and released some old ones under a CC license I'm now on Patreon I'll attend Gamescom 2015 (wanna hang out?) A Winner Is »