60/4 Challenge: Wild West HipHop

Each Sunday I challenge myself to select a random musical style/idea and try to create/mix roughly 60sec of fitting music in 4 hours or less.

This time I decided to go for a mix between wild west music and HipHop (time: 3h15min).

Recap: Mini Game Jam Munich

Last weekend I attended a mini game jam in Munich and what can I say: I had a blast!

This time around we were a group of two 3 coders, 1 graphics guru and two sound guys. The topic of our choosing was “ineffective”. After discussing some ideas, we finally settled on making a SHMUP/Tetris co-op game where one player plays the Tetris part and the other one controls a small spaceship, trying to shape the blocks by destroying parts of them.

We choose LÖVE as the game engine. I haven’t heard of it until then, but it’s often used for game jams or prototyping. Moddb has a nice list of games that use it.

Apart from making the sounds, my background in coding and git definitely came in handy. Admittedly, my git-fu needed a refresher because I haven’t used it in quite a while, but in the end all the pieces fell into place.

I am really looking forward to the next Mini Game Jam and I will definitely attend the Global Game Jam next year!